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before hackers take over your systems

NoLeak protects your organization from targeted attacks using leaked passwords, increasing your visibility on external Threats and reducing your Cybersecurity risks.  is committed to keeping your information secure.


01 / Sign-up & login forms

Protect your new customer credentials by comparing them with our leaked database in your sign-up and login forms.

02 / API integration

Our RESTful API is available on the top cloud provider's marketplaces (AWS and Azure) so that you can consume it right after you create your web or mobile application.

03 / Business protection

Subscribe your users and passwords from your corporate systems.  When an username or password is identified in a new breach, the NoLeak service check it against your system and act to block the account.


Different from other services (like HaveIBeenPwned) that only send breach alerts and do not collect the leaked password, NoLeak Secure Credentials focus on corporate users, enabling the company to monitor for password leaks (both from corporate and personal e-mails), check if the leaked password is currently used on internal corporate systems and trigger password resets.


We have out-of-the-box integration with 30+ corporate technologies (including Javascript, ERPs, Databases, E-mail, Active Directory and our API).


Partners & Customers


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Request a NoLeak expert to contact you and book a demo. is commited to keeping your information secure.

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