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We have multiple engineer positions at Noleak!

Our mission is to protect at least 1 Billion people every day using our solutions. We will transform violence, crimes and risky behaviours into a thing of the past.

We and our autonomous AI were awarded by Singularity University (US), Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), NEXT.AI Toronto (CA) and other institutions worldwide.

We are a remote-first environment, we believe that talents can live and work from anywhere on Earth (or Space?!)

Check out our current stack:

High-performance computing (GPU), CUDA, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Kafka, C/C++, Deepstream, GStreamer, Python, Java Spring, Angular.JS, ETL, Kafka, Docker, Hadoop, Spark, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning.

Delighted? Want to work for a purpose of saving lives?

Just apply below:

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